A beautifully constructed wall can provide not just additional security for your home, but can also be an attractive way to create a separation in your garden. Whether as a retaining wall or to form a boundary line, a wall from RSA Contracts is versatile and durable; wearing well over the years and blending flawlessly into the existing exterior of your home.

Here at RSA Contracts, our team of specialist builders are vastly experienced in the construction of a wide range of garden walls. We use a variety of materials to create your perfect wall, from traditional stone and decorative slabs to large blocks and red or blue bricks. Whatever reason you decide to have a high quality wall built, we will happily offer you advice about which styles and materials will best reflect your requirements, tastes and existing landscaping. Simply call us today to find out more.


A well built gate can seriously increase the security to your property. Whether you require a small garden gate at the entrance to your front garden, a full sized gate to attractively secure entry to the back of your house, or even a large double gate to create private parking in an area of your garden, we can help.

Our durable gates can be built in a variety of different timbers, all of which you can be confident have come from sustainable sources. We ensure all the timber we use is highly attractive, versatile and durable, thereby guaranteeing that it will wear well over the years, blending seamlessly into the existing fencing and exterior of your home.

With a range of styles from the simple to the ornate, you will be spoiled for choice when you come to RSA Contracts for your new garden gate. Our specialists will help you decide on the most appropriate material, style and size to suit your exact requirements and tastes. Simply call us today to find out more.

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