Turf Laying

It is essential that new turf and grass lawns are laid correctly in order to prolong the life of the turf and help to maintain its fresh and top quality appearance. Of course, in order for the turf to establish itself correctly, it is important that the soil is correctly prepared so that it provides the perfect foundation for the turf.

Here at RSA Contracts, our team of expert turfers have been laying turf for many years and as a result, we have the necessary knowledge and experience to provide you with turf that is quick to establish and provides you with a clean and attractive finish to your garden.

Our experience means that we’re able to calculate the correct amount of turf for your garden and lay it perfectly for you. In addition, we can provide you with the advice you need so you know how long to leave your grass lawn to establish itself before walking and playing on it.

Whether you require turf as part of a landscaping project or are simply replacing any dead grass, our turfers can provide you with the guidance you need, as well as their practical skill, to ensure that you get the most suitable turf for your needs. We know that there are different turfs for different purposes, but thanks to our knowledge and experience, you’re guaranteed the perfect grass lawn no matter what your requirements.

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Turf Laying Turf Laying